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There can be only one

When I got my new SSD I decided it was time to be brave and try to boot Linux from a USB. In case you were not aware, from the beginning of the year (2013) there  were reports that booting … Continue reading

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Magic soup: ext4 with SSD, stripes and strides.

My recipe: stride = Page size / Filesystem block stripe-width = Erase Block / Filesystem block For my Kingston HyperX 3K SSD SH103S3 (data provided by the Kingston customer service): Page size = 8 kB Erasure Block = 2 MB … Continue reading

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And a SSD knocked my door

I’ve got a new hard drive, the Kingston SH103S3B/240G as you can guess is a 240 GB SSD. First of all let me post the data you all are looking for. SH103S3 parameters: Erase block size: 2 MB Page size: 8 … Continue reading

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