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Find Pi Everywhere: FreeDNS a free Dynamic DNS service

Journey to the Clouds series. 2. Configuring Dynamic DNS using FreeDNS. Dynamic DNS is what allows common mortals to have a domain name without paying for a static IP address. Why FreeDNS? Because it is free of charge, you only … Continue reading

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SSH candies: config, copy-id, keygen.

There is a time when being cool it is simply too much work. Sure we all want to impress a newbie by typing long cryptic commands in a black screen and then say “I’m in”, but at the end of … Continue reading

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Who moved my Pi?

This is the scenario. You have a headless Raspberry Pi (i.e. without screen) and you want to connect to it through ssh. The problem is that you don’t know the IP address because it is a fresh install and you … Continue reading

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