In this blog I wanted to write about cricket and cars, but it turns out that I have no clue about neither of them and I am not willing to learn neither. Don’t Panic, I will try to bore you to death talking about (Arch) Linux, Raspberry Pi and maybe Java.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jose says:

    I like very much the drawing. Why do you call yourself ‘the last monkey’?, are you sure you’re the last?

    • thepadawan42 says:

      Thank you. The drawing tries to explain the meaning of the expression “the last monkey” and it is based on the explanation given by a friend of mine which is as follows: picture a pack of monkeys on a tree and a tiger cunningly approaching it, suddenly all the monkeys leave the tree except one who does not know what is going on. Such a monkey is the last monkey.

      You are most welcome to be the last monkey however if you have to ask then probably you already are.

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