Journey to the Clouds: Launching a Headless Raspbian

Launching Raspberries
In these posts series we will set up ownCloud on top of a LEMP stack, that is Linux (Raspbian), Nginx, MySQL and PHP. The storage to be used will be an USB drive encrypted using TrueCrypt and we will achieve Dynamic DNS through FreeDNS. With such a configuration we will get our very own Dropbox replacement that we will be able to control as we pleased. All that on a headless Pi, that is, no need for monitor nor screen. The only thing to do is to insert the SD card, the USB drive and connect it to the router.

    Journey to the Clouds index:

  1. Install Raspbian on a headless Raspberry Pi.
  2. Configuring Dynamic DNS using FreeDNS.
  3. Encrypting an external USB drive using TrueCrypt.
  4. Setting up Nginx web server.
  5. Setting up MySQL database.
  6. Setting up PHP.
  7. Installing ownCloud.

Using TrueCrypt has some caveats but it is compatible with all major operating systems, so you can always unplug the USB drive from the Raspberry Pi and plug it into a Windows computer with no much hassle.

The decision to use Nginx instead of Apache is due to the lightweight nature of the former, thus lower RAM consumption. More on that when we address its installation.

For the Dynamic DNS there are plenty of providers, some free of charge, some charging a little and some free of charge under certain conditions. FreeDNS has no charge at all and it only requires an email address to register. The Dynamic DNS configuration could definitely be the last topic but maybe you are going to find yourself away from the little Pi and you would like to guarantee remote access without having to ask your cat to tell you its IP address.

So let’s start… in the next chapter.

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