And a SSD knocked my door

I’ve got a new hard drive, the Kingston SH103S3B/240G as you can guess is a 240 GB SSD. First of all let me post the data you all are looking for.

SH103S3 parameters:

  • Erase block size: 2 MB
  • Page size: 8 kB

This information was provided by the Kingston customer service. I spent (wasted) a couple of days trying to find this data, I even played around with the flashbench tool  which I successfully used in the past for SD cards and my Eee PC 900, however this time it did not work. Finally I contacted the Kingston customer support service through their web form and in less than a day they replied with the data: very good Kingston!

The hard disk was a present and I got the installation kit bundle. Usually I don’t buy any kind of bundles but I have to admit that this kit made my life much easier, is this the beginning of a new lifestyle? Will I stop stocking cables/screws/stuff just in case? Will I start reading the manuals? Will I stop using Arch Linux and use Ubuntu? Many scary questions and not many answers. Anyway, continuing with the contents of the kit,  it came with a cloning software bootable CD, a disk enclosure (to put your original hard drive), all the necessary cables (SATA and USB) and even a very practical (blue and cute) screw driver. I am not sure now but I think it took me around half an hour to replace the hard drive of my laptop and have everything up and running again, but this time it was running smoothly and very FAST.

If you were looking for a proper review, you came to the wrong place but do not panic I can point you out in “some” (good? bad? fatal?) direction, here a couple of reviews:

And if you want to meet the source, here the official product page and datasheet from the Kingston website:

Personally I am very satisfy with the drive, I feel my laptop is running much faster than with the previous magnetic drive and that is the important thing with SSD. By the way, the design is really beautiful, pity that it went inside my laptop where I cannot see it anymore 8p

Finally, I would like to mention two things about the included cloning software Acronis True Image:

  1. The resulting partitions are not aligned to the SSD erase block, which is 2 MB, but to the default Windows 7 that is 1 MB.
  2. IMO it is better to not accept the automatic partitioning and do it manually. In my case the automatic mode tried to reduced the boot partition from 100 MB to 23 MB but such partition, in my opinion, should remain the same, that is 100 MB. Anyway, it is just 100 MB just leave them alone you Acronis bully imager.

Maybe I will post a bit more about these two points in the near future (or maybe not).

Ups!!!! I almost forgot:


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