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Tutti Frutti: 7zip + KDE + Arch Linux

I like 7zip, it is a free (LGPL), fast, simple but powerful, multi-platform file archiver (aka compressor). In every computer I use I always install it. Here is the thing, in Arch Linux under KDE it does not work out … Continue reading

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FreeBSD 9.1 on VirtualBox: FAIL!!!

My first attempt to try out a BSD was a failure by default: the default VirtualBox settings don’t work. I started VirtualBox, created a new machine for FreeBSD 9.1, loaded the CD ISO, run it and enjoyed an infinite reboot … Continue reading

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Firefox: dictionary epidemic!

For people using regularly two or more languages changing the spell checker from one to another becomes quite cumbersome due to the one million variants existing for each language. For instance, just for English there are 22 variants, add another … Continue reading

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ZRAM for the Raspberry Pi: expanding RAM (almost) for free

In this post I will install and setup ZRAM for the Arch Linux Raspberry Pi, since such a package is not found in the official repositories but in the AUR, I will also show how to install packages from it. … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Arch Linux, the baby crawls

Before playing with our new Raspberry Pi there are some basic steps to be done after installing Arch Linux. What do you say? Let’s do them?

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Optimizing Arch Linux image installation on the Raspberry Pi

In this post I will show step by step how to optimize the Arch Linux image installation for the Raspberry Pi on a SD card. Before you continue reading, start downloading the Arch Linux ARM image (torrent, direct) from the … Continue reading

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Who moved my Pi?

This is the scenario. You have a headless Raspberry Pi (i.e. without screen) and you want to connect to it through ssh. The problem is that you don’t know the IP address because it is a fresh install and you … Continue reading

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